Soul Mate Kava 12 pack case – House Kombucha
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Soul Mate Kava 12 pack case
Soul Mate Kava 12 pack case

Soul Mate Kava 12 pack case

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Red Chai (hibisicus with warming spices) +Damiana and Ashwagandha.  2700 mg of pure micronized Vanuatu Kava pairs with these aphrodisiac herbs for enhanced connection, receptivity, and comfort.  This product contains a tiny bit of black tea but no kombucha.  It's mainly an herbal mocktail love potion meant for delicious wind down days and evenings.  Swirl gently and serve hot (like a hot spiced cider or chai) or cold.

Kava is a relaxing adaptogen great for any occasion, improving the experience of sleep, socializing and calm moments with yourself.  Kava has been used traditionally in Polynesian cultures for bringing peace and unity within a purposeful social culture.