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Founder's Story

    History: Our Founder's Story [In her words, circa 2009] Hi, I'm Rana, the owner, operator and founder of House Kombucha. Here's a little history on how this company came to be. thirsty and broke. I started this company during the summer of 2009.  I was a new law graduate and had passed the bar (what a breeze!) but the economy was so SLOW, I had to make my own kombucha.  I remembered my mom making it when I was growing up and she survived on her homebrewed kombucha, so I figured I could too. It turned out the kombucha liked me as much as I liked it! So I said eff lawyering (oops!).  I had no money to...

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Dreaming in an Orange Sky

It's spookier than Halloween lately, and if you read the headlines, the media will magnify conflict and failings and magnify this eerie feeling. In reality, the world is not upside down. Every day people are doing an amazing job adjusting and arising to the needs of our day.  My employees have suffered a deep loss in their family due to Covid19 yet they show up in their work with a purpose without fail. I have neither words nor hugs to express my gratitude toward them.  Sales have slowed down compared to previous years but we know organic healthy food is essential.  Beyond that, our jobs are essential. To dream a dream and hold it even when nothing else holds up is...

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Reflections on 10 years of House Kombucha: from crash to pandemic

Today is a Baha'i Holy Day, Ridvan, which means "paradise".  As a Baha'i, I am supposed to take today off, but what is a "day off" when sheltering in place?  I am at home on a beautiful day and my son has just learned to read.  He reads aloud to little sister so sweetly.  But I should be working right?  Kombucha sales just tanked. Buyers at our major stores like Whole Foods and Nuggets are scattershot, unable to predict what will run out and when.  Will I lose hard earned shelf space to bigger brands because I told my sales guy not to risk exposure by visiting stores during lockdown?  I can't tell if that's being a responsible citizen or an irresponsible business owner.  I...

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