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Reflections on 10 years of House Kombucha: from crash to pandemic

Today is a Baha'i Holy Day, Ridvan, which means "paradise".  As a Baha'i, I am supposed to take today off, but what is a "day off" when sheltering in place?  I am at home on a beautiful day and my son has just learned to read.  He reads aloud to little sister so sweetly.  But I should be working right?  Kombucha sales just tanked. Buyers at our major stores like Whole Foods and Nuggets are scattershot, unable to predict what will run out and when.  Will I lose hard earned shelf space to bigger brands because I told my sales guy not to risk exposure by visiting stores during lockdown?  I can't tell if that's being a responsible citizen or an irresponsible business owner.  I...

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