What IS Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea-based probiotic beverage.  Kombucha has been revered as a healing tonic for at least 3,000 years.  It is believed to provide healthful micronutrients and bacteria beneficial to digestion, detoxification and immunity.  Worldwide, people make and drink kombucha for the way it make them feel, alive, healed and replenished.
What about caffeine?
House Kombucha contains approximately less than one-third as much caffeine as its equivalent amount of tea.  We use real tea, but the process of fermentation alters the caffeine molecule making a beverage that, for many people, is more soothing and grounding than caffeinated.
A Low-calorie, satisfying beverage
House Kombucha is fed, not sweetened, with domestically sourced sugar, which is quickly metabolized by the hungry microorganisms living in the brew.  One eight ounce serving of House Kombucha has only 10 calories. 
How much should I drink?
While some traditional healers suggest that a 4 ounce serving of kombucha daily is sufficient to have a positive probiotic effect, there is no recommended serving size.
Whether you consider it to be a artisanal or medicinal beverage, we hope you find it to be as magical as we do! If you're looking for more information on kombucha's many benefits, check out 18 Healthy Reasons to Sip Kombucha at GreenMedInfo.com.