Resilient Businesses, Resilient Communities

At House Kombucha, we pride ourselves on producing locally brewed, handcrafted beverages that are refreshing and good for you. We believe that local businesses have a vital role to play in boosting the resilience of our communities by providing good jobs, producing quality goods and services, and aspiring to the highest environmental and social standards and practices.

Here are a few initiatives we've undertaken to strengthen our beloved Bay Area:

From Bottle Reuse to Bottle Refill: House Kombucha was proud to have pioneered a bottle reuse program since 2009, which achieved a 36% return rate at its height in 2012. We salute other local leaders like Revive and Strauss Creamery, for their commitment to bottle reuse. However, rising production costs and increasing logistical challenges have prompted us to move away from bottle returns toward an On Tap refill program at participating retailers in 2013. By making this switch, we will continue to bring you the highest-quality, most affordable kombucha, while offering an exciting new zero-waste solution!

5% for the Community Initiative: We frequently sponsor community events like Ferment Change and the San Francisco Green Festival, and donate at least 5% of our profits to local community organizations like Bay Localize, Inner City Advisors, the Oakland Food Policy Council, and the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Read more about our 5% for the Community Initiative!

Local to National Involvement: House's management team also plays leadership roles at local environmental and economic justice organizations, including Bay Localize, Earth Island Institute, the Oakland Food Policy Council, and the Henry George School of San Francisco. We've helped build out our local brew team in partnership with The Bread Project, which empowers individuals with limited resources with the basic skills and on-the-job training they'll need to become self-sufficient. We've recently teamed up with Pedal Express for our East Bay self-deliveries, which helps reduce our carbon footprint and supports more local green jobs. House Kombucha is also a proud member of the American Sustainable Business Council, which works to advance public policies that ensure a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy.

Tea Composting with Local Farms: We're proud to partner with local urban agriculture organizations like Acta Non Verba Youth Farm Project, City Slicker Farms, and Phat Beets Produce, who lovingly return our many pounds of tea leaves to their farms. By composting our tea leaves, we're helping to contribute to the rejuvenation of our soils, and to a stronger local food economy.