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House Kombucha

House Kombucha is an on-the-ground, family-owned enterprise dedicated to bringing locally brewed fermented teas to the SF Bay Area. We blend only the finest artisanal teas, flowers, and herbs to create a refreshing health tonic that's packed with flavor!

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House Kombucha is alive with refreshment! We bring out the rich, aromatic notes of our artisanal teas, earning our fermented blends a reputation for no-nonsense quality and powerful flavor – all for only 10 calories per serving!

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Our recent Kickstarter campaign video, showcasing our efforts to bring more sustainable, affordable kombucha to you!

Featured Partner

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) elevates life in the inner city by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming. ANV’s quarter-acre farm in Oakland’s Tassafaronga Park is planned, planted, harvested and sold by youth grades K-8. House Kombucha is a proud supporter of ANV!